P20 4K Focusable Shield Light

•High Output Illumination + One-Step Strobe
•Remote Dual-Switch, Safety & Easy-Operation
•Floodlight & Spotlight Convenient Adjustment
•Various Installation Methods, Strong Adaptability

P83 Multi-light Source High Output One-step Strobe Flashlight

•Red and blue signal lights for warning and security
•Strike bezel embedded super hard ceramic window breaker for meeting emergent needs
•Separated switches for one-step strobe and mode switching
•Hidden Type-C direct charging design,waterproof and efficient
•LED battery indicator for checking the battery level

P84 Duty Flashlight with Omnidirectional Signal Light

•3000 lumen high mode
•Features integrated red & blue 360⁰ emergency lights
•Dual switch design
•Dedicated strobe button
•USB-C direct charge

P86 1600lm Flashlight with 120db Electronic Whistle

•1600 lumens of brightness with 305 meters of long-distance illumination.
•120 decibel electronic whistle, 360-degree sound output.
•60 hour runtime superior battery life.
•LED battery indicators.

rStar Multi-light Source Tactical Helmet Light

• 4-Color main light source, white red green+IR light.
• IFF beacon available, identification friend or foe.
• The three switches are designed independently, with clear logic and easy operation.
• Universal Rod Lighting Is More Flexible.
• Lightweight design, no burden for long-term wearing.

TA20 Compact Tri-Mode Tactical Flashlight

•Powerful beyond compact size.
•1000 lm high mode, 210 m beam distance.
•Tri-mode operation switches between lock, tactical, and duty settings by rotating the flashlight head.
•USB-C direct charge Li-ion battery.
•IPX8 rated waterproof and impact resistant.

TA30C MAX 3000 Lumen One-Step Strobe Tactical Flashlight

•Features powerful 3000 lumen output and up to 390m max beam distance
•Intuitive two-stage tail switch
•Patented rotary switch and metal tail cap button
•Nano-ceramic glass breaker
•LED Battery Indicator

TA30C One-step Strobe Tactical Flashlight

•Patented one-step-strobe technology: tap for momentary on and heavy press for tactical strobe
•Coated Tempered Glass Lens
•Super-Hard Ceramic Strike Tips
•Specially-designed accessory, FR-1 tactical flashlight ring (not included), provides more versatile usage

UT51 Red-Blue Flashing Warning Bracelet

•Red and blue flashing lights dramatically increase visibility and improve safety.
•Built-in 150mAh lithium-ion battery provides long run times, and supports USB-C direct charging.
•Weighs only 38g with batteries and can be easily rolled up when not in use.