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P10 Multi-Function Right Angle Duty Light

•Max output up to 1400 lumens
•Three light sources: white, red & blue, and 8 lighting modes
•Right-angle lighting in a compact package

P56 6-Led Forensic Light Sources Kit

•6 wavelength light sources (white,blue,red,green, IR and UV)
•Provides uniform light spot for forensic photography
•Innovative 360° rotate switch to select and change 6 wavelengths
•1 x 18650 rechargeable battery,USB direct charging design
•Compact size with a transport case for store and carry

P8 High Output Compact Duty Flashlight

• Compact size, powerful and cost-performance
• Max output up to 1300 Im, and a max runtime of 60h
• 2 x side switches for one-step strobe and modes switching
•Type-C direct design

P80 One-step Strobe Duty Flashlight

•Super-hard ceramic strike tips help you break windows fast
•2 x side switches switch for one-step strobe and mode switching
•Presets 350-lumen medium mode as the first light pattern, more suitable for daily use
•Type-C direct charging design
•Optional accessories: V10/V6/V5/V61/V51 flashlight holder,nylon flashlight holder, traffic wand, etc.

P81 Super Bright 21700 Duty Flashlight

•Max Output: 2600 lm, Luminous intensity: 23600 cd, Beam distance: 310 m
•Comes with One-step Strobe design
•Super-hard ceramic strike tips help you break windows fast
•2 x side switches for handy mode switch and one-step strobe
•Hidden Type-C charging port
•4 LED Battery indicators
•Optional accessories: V10/V6/V5/V61/V51 flashlight holder,nyion flashlight holder, traffic wand, etc.
•4800 mAh high-capacity 21700 battery

P82 1,100m Long-range Flashlight

• 1100 meters long-range beam distance
• Specially hardened nano-ceramic breach bezel effectively breaks glass
• One-step strobe and mode selection dual side switch for one hand operation
• Type-C rechargeable design, economical and convenient

TA01 Single-Mode Tactical Flashlight

•500 lumens Max Output, 185 m Max Beam Distance
•High-Quality Neutral White Light with CREE® XP-G3 S4
•Tactical Silent Tail-Cap Switch

TA15 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight (Multi-battery Compatibility)

•Max 700 lumens
•Compatible with AA, CR123A, 14500 & 16340 Batteries
•One-Step-Strobe & Momentary-On

TA30 MAX One-step Strobe Tactical Flashlight

•One-Step-Strobe, Real intuitive and instinct-centered design
•2100 lumen output, close-quarters suppression
•Dual function tactical tail cap switch
•Rotational dial magnetic switch
•Nano-ceramic strike bezel window breaker & defense

TA30 V2.0 One-step Strobe Tactical Flashlight

•Patented one-step-strobe technology: tap for momentary on and heavy press for tactical strobe
•Coated Tempered Glass Lens
•Super-Hard Ceramic Strike Tips
•Specially-designed accessory, FR-1 tactical flashlight ring (not included), provides more versatile usage

TA5 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

•900 Lumens
•Super-Hard Ceramic Strike Tips
•USB Micro-B Charging Port with Battery Indicator