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V6 Compatible Flashlight Holder

•360° rotatable and double-open- design for using flashlights inside normally and freeing hands, changing the number of rubber bands to adjust the tightness of quick plug; fits TA30, TA01, TA15, E6 and other flashlights of a27-30 mm head diameter

V61 Compatible Flashlight Holder

• V61 Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder allows you to quickly draw your flashlight and carry it in a hands-free way. It's 360° rotatable and compatible with flashlights with a head or tail diameter of 27-30mm, belts less than 55 mm in width and MOLLE systems. Its bottom open desian allows you to light up at both ends

HG1 Detachable Baton Crossguard

• Freely Detachable, easy to install without additional tools
• 360° Rotatable, protection from all angles, split mode & cross mode available
• Made of Aerospace Aluminum Alloy, hard-wearing, rustproof, and anti-corrosion
• 2m drop & effective dust resistance, reliable even under extreme conditions

TB1 Detachable TONFA Side Handle

•Material: Aluminum alloy (Connection part) + POM (Handle body)
•Finish: Type III Hard Anodizing
•Dimensions: 155 (length) ×36 (Width) × 44 (Height) mm
•Compatible Batons: NEX Quicker Series Batons

V67 Duty Baton Holster

•Made of genuine leather, lightweight and durable
•For NEX Quicker series batons
•Compatible with belt up to 50 mm wide
•ldeal for plainclothes carry

V68 Leather Baton Holder

•Made of genuine leather,lightweight and durable
•For NEX Quicker series batons
•Compatible with belt up to 50mm wide
•Idea for planclothes carry

V69 Nylon Baton Holster

•Designed for 16″ / 18″ / 20″ Batons
•Compatible with MOLLE Webbings
•Made of High-Quality Nylon Fabric

V70 Dual-Purpose Holster

• For Batons & Flashlight
• Quick Draw Capable
• 360° Rotation with 16 Locking Positions

V71 Nylon Baton Holster

•Compact Light-weight.
•Waterproof, tear-resistant.
•Equipped with an adjustable Hook & Loop to fasten the baton flexibly.

Logo-embroidered Cap

Nextorch logo-embroidered Cotton Cap is your go-to for everyday running and training with ergonomic design. Embroidered with the Nextorch brand’s now-iconic logo, this

Non-Slip Rubber Base Black Mousepad

•Ensures smooth mouse movement
•Bottom side with special rubber coating that prevents the mouse pad from slipping
•Comfortable cloth surface for optimal gliding of the mouse
•For practically all mouse types
•Large pad for comfortable working
•Reinforced by stitched edge

GT-AAA Aurora Signal Light

• 3 Light Sources & 7 Modes
• 10 m Submersible
• 360-Degree Visible